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Géza Sáli

2015. november 29.
Géza Sáli is riding


1960 ‒ Born in Mezőhegyes.

1978-1980 – Learnt violin making under the supervision of Ferenc Lakatos in the workshop of the Franz Liszt Music Academy following twelve years of violin playing and completing his secondary education

1981 – Made his first bows (then Baroque)

1985 – Obtained his master’s certificate.

February 1989 – ’Infected’ Etzler Bernd with bow making.

1989 – Graz, violin and bow maker.

1996 – Received his second master’s certificate in Vienna.

2008 to date – Running his violin and bow making workshop at 5 Schillerstraße, Graz

Stamp until 1989 SÁLI GÉZA BUDAPEST

from 1990 G.Sáli Graz

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